Saturday, August 19, 2017

Groton-New London Connecticut Airport Walking Tour

Today was our annual trip to the Groton-New London walking tour. This family event is one of our favorite FREE activities around. Not many people know about it because it's not really advertised to the masses. Upon arrival the airport gave Jack and Katie each a HUGE airplane lollipop, and an airplane squeeze toy which was a huge hit. Jack is coincidentally very into squeeze toys right now. We loved our experience so much.. It was about 92 degrees in New England today which is super hot for us but we survived! The only thing we HATE about this event is that we have to wait a year until we can attend again. Perfect activity for the family! Thank you to Groton-New London airport for giving Jack & Katie the royal treatment. We had the best day ever and the kids learned a bunch!!  😍🛫🚁🤓✌👍👌

Friday, August 18, 2017

Leapfest Rhode Island 2017

Leapfest!!!! We went to Leapfest a few weeks ago. It was our first time attending and wow was it awesome. The kids loved seeing the Rhode Island National Guard jumpers, and also the teams that traveled from across the world to parachute in Rhode Island. There was plenty of parking at West Kingston Elementry School and the landing field was right next to a playground which was convenient for families. We loved it. What a great educational experience for the entire family! 

Groton, Connecticut Airport Walking Tour

Who is going to this tomorrow! SO this is seriously one of our favorite FREE summer activities. Planes, planes......and more planes! We can't wait!  

Quote for the day......

Tiverton Library in Rhode Island still has 250 Free NASA Eclipse Glasses

Hey Rhode Islanders. I just wanted to let you know that the Tiverton library in..... Tiverton, Rhode Island still has 250 free pairs of solar eclipse glasses. Their NASA certified glasses will be handed out during the Monday Eclipse party in their parking lot @ noon. They will have s'more making stations and sun shaped cookies as well. It looks like a fantastic event especially for those who still need to score their glasses! Chow! The new library in Tiverton is amazing by the way. One of the most beautiful libraries that I have ever seen!